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Sister company to Steve Pack Agricultural Services, Newbury Fertilisers Ltd is a specialist in producing recycled fertilisers. At present our main activity is recycling a spent catalyst, used in processing Butane gas, which is formed from a natural holding agent which is used to hold Phosphoric acid. The holding agent is diatomite (also known as kieselguhr) – a naturally occurring, soft sedimentary rock that is easily crumbled into a fine powder, and for the purposes of this fertiliser is pressed into pellets resembling cattle feed. This base material is highly beneficial to our fertiliser, because in its own right it can be used as a soil conditioner because it retains water and nutrients while draining fast and freely, allowing high oxygen circulation within the soil.

Add to these already useful properties Phosphoric acid in both polyphosphate and orthophosphate forms, over half of which is water soluble, and we have a highly useful fertiliser which is in the form of dusty pellets. In order to reduce the dust and dilute the very strong Phosphate content, we blend in up to 30% 10mm compost. This has the joint effect of reducing the dust content of the fertiliser substantially and also making the product easier to spread evenly by adding a little weight. The product is delivered in bulk in our own lorries and spread with our bredal spreaders. This product is available at an extremely competitive price and is in high demand, selling out every year so be sure to place an order early.

Newbury Fertilisers Ltd is open to new business and would welcome enquires with regard to recycling new waste streams. Our facility is licensed and regulated by the Environment Agency and we have a particular interest in waste streams which have a value as an agricultural fertiliser.