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Arable and Grassland Services

Soil pH sampling & liming

Soil pH is the first fundamental to get right when considering soil health and crop nutrition. The pH of the soil affects the availability of every other nutrient in the soil, both major nutrients and important trace elements. From 10+ years of experience as lime spreading contractors, we know first hand that soil pH is extremely variable across relatively small land areas. This variability can be easily mapped with GPS technology for very low cost, using our in-house testing and GPS mapping facilities.

Having mapped out the areas of acidity, we can produce a prescription map detailing the rates of lime required in each area according to the current pH as measured by sampling and the target pH for the crop being grown. As a FACTS qualified advisor Steve Pack is able to set appropriate rates to hone the pH across the orchard or vineyard as precisely as possible to the crop requirement.

We can then supply the required lime and deliver it to the site with our own 8x4 bulk tipper lorries. This ensures a timely and efficient operation entirely under our control with our own experienced drivers. Call today for agricultural liming in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Lime spreading

We believe that our field scale spreading service is among the best available. The tractors are fitted with GPS auto-steer, and our GPS variable rate spreaders are fitted with weigh-cells for incredibly accurate dynamic calibration. Call us today for agricultural lime spreading in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

The tractors used for the spreading operations are fitted with front loaders, allowing the spreading operations to only require one machine on site. For larger jobs the spreaders can be accompanied by our JCB 416 loading shovel to maximise output.

Fertiliser supply & spreading

We can supply and spread a range of fertilisers, including all granular fertilisers. Additionally, we can supply and spread P-Grow (0.23.3; citric soluble) and Newbury (0.30.0; typically 23% water soluble) fertilisers. See the Fertiliser page for more information on the fertilisers we can supply.